土村和史 プロフィール   Kazufumi Tsuchimura


 90年代初め頃にウッドベースを始める。野中英士に師事。98年ボストンのバークリー音大入学。John Lockwood,  Barry Smith, Dave Santoro等に師事。作編曲、実技を学ぶ。在学中Joe Hunt, Alan Simon等と共演。 Boston Consarvatory, MIT 等のクラシックオーケストラでも演奏する。2000年Outstanding Performaer Award受賞。11月帰国。
民族音楽の消化に取り組み多様なオリジナル曲を書く。2008年「越後組曲」発売。2009年デンマークのピアニスト Thomas Walbimトリオの「Tales from the blue」に参加。現在は自己のグループを中心に活動するほか、様々なライブ、セッションなど精力的にこなす。 餃子とたこ焼きが好き。

Kazufumi Tsuchimura
 Kazufumi Tsuchimura is a composer and a bas player, raised in Yokohma, Japan.
He moved to Boston to attend Barklee College of Music in 1998.He completed composition and performance course in 2000.
During the collge, he experienced various type of jazz sessions,gigs and being a membaer of local classocal orchestras.
Since he came back to Japan in 2001, he has performed numerous live and sessions with different types of performers in Tokyo, Yokohama areas.
He also performes with his own band to play original compositions focused on oriental material earnestly.
In 2008, He started new project with Danish pianist Thomas Walbum,the colleague since Barklee era, and Japanese drummer, Shin-ichiro Kamoto.
This trio(Thomas Walbum trio) released CD
"Tales from the Blue" in 2010.

photo by 荒谷良一

                 2011.Kazufumi Tsuchimura